Vladimir Mak RIP

In memory of a friend

On the stage of "Jazz Globus" - the founder and producer of the festival, Vladimir Mak.

A Bisele Mazel

Gefilte Drive
Gefilte Drive - A Bisele Mazel

Our history

Jazz Globus 2004

Participated in the festival of the Jerusalem Academy of Music professor Steve Paskov, Boris Gammer and Nahum Pereferkovich, a veteran of jazz in the USSR, Mikhail Kul and other leading Israeli musicians, including singer Ricky Manor, pianists Simon Lipkovich and Michael Agre, bass player Dmitry Grodsky, talented young musicians, ensembles that have arisen in the association "Jazz-Globe - Trio Margoltsa", "Guardia nueva", "Jerusalem art ensemble".

Participation in the festival

Applications for participation in the festival next deadline is August 1 at the following addresses and telephone numbers: Slava Ganelin - 052-2-216896
Vladimir Mak - 052-2-634444
Jazz Globus
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