Vladimir Mak RIP

In memory of a friend

On the stage of "Jazz Globus" - the founder and producer of the festival, Vladimir Mak.

Victoria Gissen

Group Klezmasters and Victoria Giessen: «You looked at me»

Our history

Jazz Globus 2006

Almost all the festival performances were held at high level. Some of them, as a solo concert Fayngersha The Magic Trombone, concerts international ensembles "Tabula rasa" (Israel - Sweden - United States - Lithuania), "Priority" (Israel - Lithuania) and the "Alliance" (Israel - United States - Lithuania) were significant musical events.

Participation in the festival

Applications for participation in the festival next deadline is August 1 at the following addresses and telephone numbers: Slava Ganelin - 052-2-216896
Vladimir Mak - 052-2-634444
Jazz Globus
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