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Ehud Ettun Trio (Israel / Photo: Gennady Dubnik). From November 14 to December 2, a series of jazz concerts under the general title "Autumn Leaves" will be held in the capital's Harmony Hall. The time of year recalls the song of Joseph Cosmas to the verses of Jacques Prever. Since the middle of the last century, it has become one of the most popular jazz tunes. Participants in upcoming concerts are invited to show their own versions of the immortal, "evergreen" theme. The concerts feature musicians from the USA, Cuba, Russia, Lithuania, Ireland and the best jazz musicians from Israel. The first concert will take place on November 14th. Talk Together (“We speak together”) - this program is represented by Cuban singer Jan Esperanza Mirabal Rodriguez, guitarist Evgeni Pisak and bass player Anton Gorbunov. The singer was born in the Cuban city of Sancti Spiritus, since 5 years old she has been singing in street concerts with her father and the folklore trio “Mariachi”. Possessing an unusual voice for a child, she enjoyed tremendous success and became famous in the country. Repeatedly was the winner of children's television competitions, in parallel with concert activities, received a special musical education in vocals and piano. In Israel, Jan Esperanza Mirabal Rodriguez is the main participant in the popular La Bella Cubana program. Eugene Pisak is one of the leaders in jazz guitar in Israel. A student of the Yekaterinburg jazz school (one of the strongest in the USSR), Eugene is a multiple participant in prestigious international jazz festivals (including "Jazz on the Red Sea" and "Jazz Globe" in Israel) and concert projects in various musical genres, from academic music to free jazz and from tango music to art rock. Anton Gorbunov is one of the leading bass players in modern Russian and European jazz. A multiple participant in the Jerusalem Jazz Globe festival, a partner of legendary musicians, including Eric Marienthal, Gonzalo Rubalkaba and Richard Bon. The Talk Together trio will perform for the first time on the Harmony stage. The second concert, November 25, will be opened by a trio from Lithuania of Infiltrators. This is the union of three iconic figures of Lithuanian jazz: Jan Maximovich, Dmitry Golovanov and Arkady Gottesman. Saxophonist Jan Maksimovich is a student of the famous and well-known in Israel Pyatras Vishnyauskas and for more than 20 years he is one of the leaders of jazz in the Baltic States. Pianist Dmitry Golovanov is the winner of several international competitions, the semi-finalist of the Montreux jazz pianist competition in 2012 and the finalist of the European jazz competition in Rotterdam in 2013. Dmitry works in various musical styles, from traditional jazz to free improvisation. He is a participant in many Lithuanian and international projects and prestigious festivals in Lodon, Bruges, Pori and others. Maksimovich and Golovanov will perform in Israel for the first time. The drummer of the trio Arkady Gottesman is one of the leaders of Lithuanian jazz and a prominent figure in European music, especially in the art of free improvisation. Gottesman repeatedly participated in various Israeli festivals, including the Jazz on the Red Sea, the Klezmer Festival in Safed and the Jazz Globe in Jerusalem. Infiltrators make live electronics merge with the sound of acoustic instruments. This is the only electro-acoustic ensemble of improvisational music in Lithuania and rare on the world jazz scene, which will perform on the Israeli stage for the first time. Gottesman will also take part in the Exlibris trio, together with his long-standing partners - Slava Ganelin and Gershon Weisserfirer. Ganelin is one of the leaders of modern jazz in the world, an outstanding composer, pianist, band leader and master of free improvisation. Weisserfirer is a unique multi-musician and improviser. The third concert, November 28, opens with the Irish Duet, which included the famous drummer David Little and the young guitarist Joseph Leighton. Little's biography includes concerts and recordings with the best musicians of our time, including Joe Lovano, Dave Liebman and Kurt Rosenwinkel. The Independent magazine calls David the best jazzman to appear in the last time in Ireland. Commendable reviews of Little's game are written in Rolling Stone, The Guardian, and The Times. David Little’s apprentice and lately regular partner, Joseph Leighton. He is 21 years old, during which he managed to conquer Irish scenes and excel in several international festivals. Both musicians come to Israel for the first time. The second section is devoted to jazz arrangements of popular Soviet songs. A wonderful young Moscow singer Victoria Giessen comes to visit the quartet of Alfa virtuosos. The last concert, on December 2, will be opened by a quintet, consisting of a trio of Ehud Ettuna (pianist Daniel Schwarzkopf, double bass player Ehud Ettoon, drummer Nathan Blankett). The Ehud Ettuna Trio - the best jazz trio in Israel in recent years) will meet for the first time with two American musicians - saxophonist Darren Petit and trombonist Pet Madsen. Both are professors at the University of Omaha in Nebraska. Darren Petit not only teaches playing the saxophone, but also leads the “Jazz Workshop” and the University’s Big Band. Among Darren's partners are the famous singer Diana Schur and the legendary trumpeter Randy Brecker. Pet Madsen is one of the leading American trombonists, art director of the famous Great Plains jazz festival, among his partners are musicians of various genres, including the famous singer Aretha Franklin. In the second part of the concert, the final chord of Autumn Leaves is the traditional Alljance, an ensemble that plays a collective free improvisation - a unique phenomenon in modern jazz. As part of Alljance-2019, one of the best Israeli drummers Haim Peskof, Ehud Ettun, Darren Petit, Pet Madsen. The ensemble is headed by the art director of Autumn Leaves Slava Ganelin. Details on our website and on a special page on Facebook. Tickets for the concerts of the festival are available at the Bravo online box office and at the box office of the Harmony hall before concerts.

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