Vladimir Mak RIP

In memory of a friend

On the stage of "Jazz Globus" - the founder and producer of the festival, Vladimir Mak.

Yogev Shetrit trio

Live at Drumbite Jerusalem

Our history

Jazz Globus 2007

The festival was held in November / December 2007. There were seven concerts in the program: 26, 28, 29 and 30 od November and 1,2 and 3 of December. All the concerts took in the Municipal Jerusalem Cultural Center (Hillel, 27). There were 90 Israeli musicians and 8 guests from USA and Russia participating. Musicians, introduced during the Festival work in many different styles of jazz, as well as in some genres related to jazz. Several ensembles and soloists performed during each concert.

Participation in the festival

Applications for participation in the festival next deadline is August 1 at the following addresses and telephone numbers: Slava Ganelin - 052-2-216896
Vladimir Mak - 052-2-634444
Jazz Globus
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