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Jazz Globus

Association of jazz and alternative music

Association of jazz and alternative music "Jazz Globus" was founded in 2003. The Association unites Israeli musicians working in jazz, and close to the jazz musical genres - modern acoustic chamber music, electronic music, non-commercial rock, fusion, folk and other genres not associated with show business. One of the aims of the association - support Israel to repatriate the musicians in the professional creative integration and joint ventures with long lived in Israel and Israeli musicians indigenous creative projects. Association of "Jazz Globus" gladly also collaborating with musicians from other countries interested in the creative contacts with Israeli musicians.
Association of "Jazz Globus" exist on the basis of the cultural center of the Jerusalem Municipality of Jerusalem. Within the association are separate concerts, concert series and annual festival "Jazz Globus".
Artistic Director of the Association and the festival "Jazz Globus" - composer and pianist Vyacheslav Ganelin.
Producer Association and the festival "Jazz Globus" - a journalist and musicologist Vladimir Mak.
Association of jazz and alternative music «Jazz Globus»

Council Community Festival

  • Ofer Tzemakh - radio commentator "Har ha-Zofim" 106 FM
  • Julia Zodyks - radio commentator "REKA"
  • Ella Hodos - Director of the Jerusalem Cultural Center
  • Eleonora Plotkin - association executive "Art Rainbow"
  • Victor Waldberg - editor of news portal "Nautilus"
  • Michael Kull - pianist
  • Michael Mitropolsky - journalist, musician (Russia)
  • Kirill Moshkov - editor of internet-portal "Jazz.ru" (Russia)
  • Alexey Zubov - saxophonist, composer (USA)
  • Julia Izvekof - chairman of the Russian Society of Friends of the Festival "Jazz Globus"
  • Sergei Liass - chairman of the American Society of Friends of the Festival "Jazz Globus"

Festival 2013

Management of the festival "Jazz Globus" expresses particular gratitude to the sponsors who supported the festival:
  • The Center for Absorption of artists immigrants
  • Division of Immigrant Absorption University of Jerusalem
  • The Yuri Stern Foundation
  • The Michael Cherney Foundation
  • Jerusalem Conservatory "Sadna"
  • TAF – Association for International Adaptations
  • Sergey Lyass, MD. (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
  • Professor at Tel Aviv University Semyon Licin and Elena Licin
  • News portal "Nautilus"
  • Jazz portal "Jazz.ru"
  • Oleg Verbovsky - businessman, Khabarovsk, Russia
  • Julia Izvekov - advocate, Moscow, Russia
Jazz Globus
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