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Svetlana Sokolov

Svetlana SokolovIsrael


Lana Sokolov is a vocalist, composer, music therapist and song-leader from Israel who has been vigorously active on the music scenes of New-York and Boston for the last 3 years.
Her classical training with an M.A in Choral Coducting from Tashkent Conservatory, was followed by extensive involvement in the World Music and Jazz scenes.
Lana has always maintained a professional musical career: from singing, writing and performing in her original programs such as “Folktale-Jazz Ethnic Journey”, “Let's Sing about Love” with original songs in Russian, Hebrew and English.
Lana has recorded released three original albums “Red Sea” in Russian, “Candies Every Day” for kids and “Jewish Love Songs” in Hebrew. She won the “Original English Song Contest” event organized by “Jerusalem Post” in 2001.
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